About Me


My Story.
 My Mission.

My husband Scott and I have spent most of our adult life trying to inspire kids and adults through our martial arts lessons, and have coached taekwondo in the community now since 1996.

Scott in his younger years toured the UK and Europe on the tournament circuit as an elite athlete. Scott is a 4th dan black belt in taekwondo and Jo is a 3rd dan black belt, we are both marathon runners and fitness instructors. 

We are both very healthy people but during this year Scott and our daughter Ellie have discovered that they both have massive gluten allergies and Scott in particular has had to cut both gluten and diary and has been put on a low fodmap diet. He is a very keen cook, and has been experimenting with food and recipes during lockdown.

We now feel that we are well versed in both fitness and nutrition to offer the ultimate fitness package.