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Your Health Will Improve

With the Ageless Vitality Method you’ll be eating far more plants and fibre which is proven to improve your health on so many levels.   


Make Your Clothes Fit Again

The Ageless Vitality Method is an effective way to lose weight without ever feeling hungry.


Healthy Recipes to Lose Weight

Hundreds of healthy recipes with more added every month (incl. meal planner & shopping list).


More Energy and Better Digestion

By following the Ageless Vitality Method you’ll have more energy and improved digestion.



Let’s not forget the animals. By moving to a plant-based diet you’ll be easing the suffering of our fellow beings.

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Thank you, Mr. Twigg. I had made the decision to switch to a vegan diet after watching the documentary mentioned in your book.

Sue R.

Book Review

If you are worried about your health, have trouble losing weight, or struggle giving up meat, get this!

Paw S.

Book Review

 I loved the short lessons that Alan learnt along the way and how opportune his meeting people seemed to be, just like me listening to the book. Thank you Alan, please write something else.”

Miss Natasha Watson

Book Review