Taekwondoo-Inspired Workout & Course with Jo Graham


In this course, you will learn very basic techniques, blocks, kicks, punches. You are 9 steps away from seeing how great kicking like a girl can really feel! Obviously, you cannot learn a martial art overnight, but this course gives a small insight into just how beneficial martial arts are, not just for health and fitness but for focus.

Taekwondo is based on anaerobic fitness, which is the same as HIIT exercises. As a black belt, I have been practicing and coaching the Korean martial art of taekwondo for over 20 years and want to give you a small insight into its benefits.

I am offering this free course to see if I can encourage more women and girls to get involved in kicking like a girl. This short course is all about fun and fitness, no technique required! Just enjoy it!! It’s about using martial art to get fit, feel great and get healthy.


How to Use this Course and Workout

The best way to do this course is to do one session at a time. After you have watched the introduction, start with the warm-up session. Remember there is no rush. It’s not how quickly we do something, but rather what we get out of it like building a fitness habit or learning a skill. 

When you’ve done the warm-up, I recommend doing the following sessions one day at a time. When you get to the end of the course, you can either repeat to get even better or join the Shred Team and start my 5-Day Kick-Like a Girl Challenge


Warm Up






Combination Techniques

Putting it all Together

Day 1 – Kick Like a Girl Challenge