10-Day Menopause Fitness Boost

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Starting out slowly, you are going to work all parts of your body over 10 days. You’ll notice the benefits, feel proud and finish with a challenge. Take your time and enjoy these 10 days.

10-Day Fitness Boost

Day 1

Join me for a 2-minute workout consisting of 4 exercises. The perfect way to get started.

Day 2

Following on from yesterday we will be adding on a further 2 minutes meaning that you do 4 minutes in total.

Day 3

You will be doing a total of 6 minutes today and we are adding in some ABS.

Day 4

We are adding a water bottle into the workout today along with ABS to really get the heart pumping.

Day 5

I am adding in some new exercises today, we are doing more cardio along with combining ABS.

Day 6

My favourite we are doing a martial arts workout today, based on techniques I have learned through taekwondo – all for fun.

Day 7

Today is ABS day – no more than 15 minutes. 

Day 8

Pure water bottle session today, no more than 10 minutes you will need a 2 litre water bottle for this session!

Day 9

It’s time to get your steps in!!! As many steps as you can do all to music.  You have got this!

Day 10

It’s challenge day. This is a great way of testing to see how far you have come and the best thing about this is you can challenge yourself over and over again!