What Members Say


I have to say that the Shred Team has been so far an absolutely incredible journey and long may it continue. My biggest achievement ever has been setting up this amazing team!! I have met all you amazing people and that would never have been possible without this team. So I am asking you to tell me what you feel is your biggest achievement since joining The Shred Team ?

Lisa Mc Gill’s Story

My biggest achievement was going from this size 20 down to a size 16/18 as I’m only 5 feet 8.

The doc was happy with me that size. Jo’s group has helped me lots as my aerobics classes (I’m from the Isle of Arran North Ayrshire in Scotland) have been cancelled at the moment so doing Jo exercises have been a very good help with me and the ladies and Jo I meet on-screen virtually are fantastic xx long may it continue THANK YOU


I have been doing shred for the last two years. Love the variety of exercises so uses all my body, especially taekwondo as makes we feel empowered and not something I would tried. Always challenges to try and recipe to boot. Kept my weight the same when I know there is things that I should eat to lose weight! Thanks Jo & Alan that put it all together for all of us Shredder who are so supportive xx
Dawn Spence

Jo and the Shred Team has given my life back. I’m down 30 lbs and went from a 2x to size 16 and close to going going down another size soon but most of all it has gotten my blood sugars back in the normal range and I am exercising 6 days a week including the challenges. I cant do anything live and all on catch up due to being in the US but wake up early every morning and get it done. It is now second nature to me and all my aches and pains are gone. My shape has changed tremendously and I feel better than I have in years! My last check up my Dr was shocked and my blood work all came back in the normal range. Jo you have given me my life back and I am forever greatful!!!

Jo Anne Falkowski

I’ve been on shred since day 1 & tho not done in a while recently, I’ve really missed it..tried to do 2 minute workouts on the good days, but most of all loved watching all of your positive achievements over the past couple of months..your all amazing on this Shred group so supportive to each other. Jo without you we couldn’t keep any of it up to be honest, your a an amazing instructure & always motivational. Thankyou for everything you & Alan do for this group. 
Catharine Marshall

I’ve been with the shred since the beginning and been friends with Jo for many years. I don’t think you realise how amazing you are Jo. You’ve created a fantastic, positive supportive community on here and that is not an easy thing to do. The way everyone lifts each other up is amazing. I have a very demanding job and fall off the exercise wagon quite often, but I love the fact that the shred is always there and is so easy to pick back up, it really helps people to build exercise into their lives. You should be really proud reading this thread Jo, your dedication and passion for what you do is making a real difference to people’s lives and that is awesome! x

Eleanor Houlston

I have been part of Shred for 2 years ,absolutely love it  Really enjoy the morning work outs & different challenges.Thank you Jo & Alan xx You’re the best !!

Michelle Jones

My biggest achievement since joining is, I am now able to do a full sit up. I’ve not been able to do them for years. There are also a lot of lovely people who helped me come through a stage where I suffered with my mental health. Thank you Jo for starting this amazing team, I love it and I’m hoping to come away with you in October.

Victoria Sawyer

My biggest achievement is that I now really look forward to keeping myself fit, I’ve lost weight and built muscle (thanks to the bingo wing workouts) and I feel better at 62 then I did at 52, love the shred team and Jo is amazing . Xx

Jane Ward

My biggest achievement is that I have never missed a session , sometimes I do 2 In one day but I always do them . I am always on catch up apart from SIS , I love the encouragement, enthusiasm and support that we provide for each other ……Jo & Alan never stop , thank you . Xxx

Julie M Brown

My greatest achievement is doing the Shred every morning before going to work even when I am on holiday I do it because it’s become apart of my daily routine. I feel so much better within myself. The shred as help me in so many ways it got me through the loss of my parents and made me a much happier work colleague.I work with primary school children so it can get very stressful at times I honestly can’t believe how fitter I am for a 60 year old. I have always done exercise in the past but never struck to it.The Shred is an amazing group to be a part of.

Yvonne Ablett

The shred has helped me to commit to exercise over a long period time (is it 3 years Jo )? I can now hula hoop for about 20mins non-stop and the shred has made me practise skills such as sit ups, press ups and skipping). It has brought me new friendships and happiness too. Thanks Jo and Alan for everything.xx

Laura Louise

My biggest achievement has been keeping going even when you don’t feel like it and your body gives up even after I had a foot operation and was on crutches I made it through and persevered with the support of the group and have improved with sit ups and push ups !! X

Sally Hiley

I was suffering with severe anxiety and just could not motivate myself last year then I found The Shred group I did the weeks free challenge and joined up straight away. It’s been my reason for getting out of bed in a morning and still some days I don’t feel great but I do the classes and I’m good to go. There is so much positivity and motivation from everyone Jo and Alan work so hard Thankyou so much xx

Linda Alderson

My biggest achievement is I’m still taking part after 2+ years!!! Yes I have times when not able to join in shred fully but it’s worked for me love the challenges & zoom SIS also has made me more flexible I love our Shred team Thanks Jo & Alan xx

Heather Keeley

My biggest achievement is sticking with the shred even when I have felt like giving up. I always do Catchup and that’s what keeps me going, I can do it when it suits me. I can do situps now without struggling that’s an achievement for me to. I Enjoy the variation of exercises and that keep me motivated, Jo is fab at motivation. The shred is a great team who are always at hand if you fall of the waggon and need support. Well done Jo and Alan and thanks xx

Linda Easton

My biggest achievement is to be able to get up in time for the morning shreds on a regular basis and complete a few challenges before I go to work. It really sets me up for the day and I feel so much fitter and healthier. I also love the fact that I can now do 100 skips without stopping, which I couldn’t do a few months ago and I do them every morning. Fab group, great encouragement and motivation. Don’t know what I would do without you x

Tina Cartwright

My biggest achievement is keeping to regular exercise. Even if I miss a Shred for whatever reason, I now still run or do hula hooping which I love and never ever thought I’d be able to do. I am also much more flexible for keeping fit in general. Jo, you are a legend, never stop running this incredible team.

Jane Butterfield

I have been with the Shred 2+years and I try and do it daily even when I’m on holiday. I feel so much fitter and able to chase after my 5 young grandchildren! Jo’s shred has meant a great deal to me and the amazing community it has formed. I have never met any of my fellow shredders in person but I feel I have great friends out there who are always there to pick me up and have my back when I’m struggling. Doing it live with Jo at 6:45 is great but I do it on catch up if I’m not up in time. The 30 day challenges I also love. We are doing an Abs one at the moment and helps me focus on an area. The one I loved was the hula hooping challenge. I use a smart hoop and enjoyed it so much that I try and hoop 3-4 times a week and for at least 20 minutes each session. I don’t weigh myself but recently I’ve had to take a notch out of my hoop!! Oh and I love our Step into Saturdays! This is when you can see fellow shredders on Zoom!! My shred family!
At times I do have to adapt Jo’s exercises as I have bad knees and some of the exercises are painful on them. But as Jo says adapt but keep moving, and I do. I advise anyone to join as it is a great group and you can exercise in your own home.

Brenda Blake

I have been a member for approximately 2 years or more.I do the daily shreds and challenges most days , if I miss I like to catch up so I have completed it.I have been able to do more exercises as I have gone along. After my injury in February 2019 I had a massive hole in my knee and struggled to even get out of a chair. Now hopefully I am moving better and can stand a little longer without my crutches. Now I can achieve a fairly high kick like the old days and hopefully my body is more stable .I have lost inches and gained strength especially using weights which is supposed to reduce bone density loss in oldies like me. Also the support I’d great if your down or to celebrate a win.

Suzanne K Ledsom

Hi my biggest achievement is that I have stuck with the shred for almost 2years. I can do so many exercises thst i couldn’t before. I have had a few wobbles, but the shred family have been there with encouragement. I have maintained my weight while eating whatever I like. I’m much trimmer and fitter. Jo is a great instructor and friend who gives so much to the Shred. Best thing I have done was joining. Looking forward to trying more vegetarian meals as we are trying to eat less meat. Which will be another achievement . X

Pam Woods