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The Plant-Based Ageless Vitality and Fitness Pack


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“I’d Almost Given Up Believing that the Right Track Would Come Along”

The kind of women that we help are fantastic because they want to take action. They feel like they’re stuck in a rut when it comes to their health and fitness. They are often frustrated about their lack of fitness, inability to shed the pounds and inability to find a solution.

And it’s not their fault. Did you know that nearly 67% of women in the USA are either overweight or obese? That’s a staggering number, and it’s not just about the food we eat. It’s a complex web of factors, stress, hormonal changes (hello, menopause!), lack of time, and sometimes, just the overwhelming feeling of ‘where do I even start?’

Here’s where the fantastic news comes in! There is an incredibly easy, delicious and enjoyable way to boost your fitness, regain your energy, lose weight and much, much more. It’s almost like a miracle in plain sight that nobody seems to have even noticed!

the Portal to YOUR Transformation.

It’s the difference between being one of millions of women over 40 struggling with health, weight loss, and energy, and becoming one of the inspired and empowered women who’ve discovered the transformative power Plant-Based Health and Fitness to invigorate their health, vitality, and confidence!

Taking No Action

Health Challenges

Clothes that Don't Fit

Always Tired

Less Life Joy

Starting Slowly

Improving Health

Clothes that Fit


Full of Life

Taking NO Action

Health Challenges

Weight Struggles

Always Tired

Less Life Joy

Starting Slowly

Improving Health

Weight Conquered


Full of Life

Top Benefits You’ll Experience

Effortless Weight Loss

Most people who move to a more plant-orientated way of eating lose weight without feeling hungry.

More Youthful

A diet rich in antioxidants combined with short daily workouts can actually slow down the aging process, making you look and feel younger.

Much Better Digestion

Forget bloating, constipation and indigestion. The fiber in a plant-based diet keeps your digestive system running smoothly.

Boundless Energy

More plants and regular exercise can significantly boost your energy levels.

More Resistance to Chronic Diseases

Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers with a plant-based diet and regular exercise

Better Sleep

Experience deeper, more restful sleep. Exercise and a balanced diet can significantly improve your sleep quality.

Menopause Relief

Experience fewer and less severe menopause symptoms by incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise into your routine.

Calmness and Reduced Anxiety

Just 15-minutes of exercise each day and eating more plants will leave you feeling calmer and reduce anxiety.   

More Confidence

As you start to see and feel the changes, you’ll gain a new sense of confidence that will empower you in all areas of your life.

Sister and Brother

We’re not just a business; we’re a family on a mission. Meet Jo and Alan, the sibling duo behind The Vitality Crew. Our aim? To empower women over 40 to take control of their health and fitness, without turning into gym junkies or diet zealots. We’re all about starting small, building habits, and making sustainable changes that last a lifetime.

Our Journey

Our story began in the midst of the 2020 lockdown. Both of us have always had a passion for staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. Jo, a mum of two, is a black belt in Taekwondo, a marathon runner, and a seasoned fitness trainer with over two decades of experience teaching and training in Sheffield, England. Alan, on the other hand, is a man of many talents—golf, Argentine Tango, yoga, and meditation, to name a few. He’s been thriving on a plant-based diet since 2016 and is also an author and online course creator.

Why We Started The Vitality Crew

We knew the transformative power of regular exercise and a balanced diet, especially for women who are often juggling multiple roles. But we noticed a gap—there was nothing out there that offered a holistic, easy-to-follow approach for everyday women. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and create The Vitality Crew.

We’re not just offering a product; we’re offering a pathway to a healthier, happier you. And we can’t wait for you to join us on this incredible journey.

Hannah’s Story

My journey from 17 ½ stone to 10 ½ stone and from servere depression to feeling much more normal again and free of medication has been nothing short of transformative. Physically and mentally. My past was full of excuses and failed weight loss attempts, but my real turning point came when I noticed that my depression was affectingsevere the kids. Enough was enough.

In 2020, I was mentally ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle. I started small, cutting out snacking, walking more, and swimming on weekends. But what really turbocharged my weight loss was joining Jo’s Vitality Crew and incorporating more plant-based foods into my diet. With the group’s encouragement and my family’s support, the pounds started to disappear.

Amazingly, even pregnancy didn’t derail my progress. Even while expecting my third child, I managed to maintain my weight by staying active. When my daughter was born we discovered that she had a dairy intolerance. This taught me a lot about how common dairy is in our foods and led me to discover some plant-based alternatives that actually tasted good.

The combination of exercise and more plant-based eating has been a game-changer for me. Not only have I lost weight, but my chronic pain, anxiety, and depression have also improved significantly. I can now run despite my chronic conditions, something I never thought possible. Just last month I finished the Sheffield 10K run.

I’m now the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been, and I attribute a large part of that success to taking action. This journey isn’t just about weight loss; it’s about gaining a whole new lease on life. My advice to anyone who’s in a similar state to how I was just three years ago is to talk to others and somehow find the energy to take the first small steps.

How It Works: Your Personalised Journey to Plant-Based Vitality

When we crafted the Plant-Based Ageless Vitality and Fitness Pack, our aim was to offer an affordable yet comprehensive set of tools that serve as your initial stepping stone on this incredible journey toward transformation. This pack covers nearly all the essentials you’ll need to kickstart your new lifestyle.

You’ll get to know us—Alan Twigg and my sister, Jo Graham—as we guide you through this transformative experience. This is your chance to dip your toes in the water and decide if this path is the right fit for you.

The beauty of this pack is its flexibility. You can start wherever and whenever you feel ready. Fancy kicking things off with a calming meditation? Go for it! Eager to break a sweat with a quick 15-minute workout? You got it! Or perhaps you’re excited to whip up your first plant-based meal? The choice is entirely yours.

So, without further ado, here’s what you’ll get:

What You Get

10-Day Fitness Boost (at home)

This special series of easy-to-perform workout videos starts on day 1 with a simple two-minute session. We gradually progress over the space of 10 days to 20 minutes. We work all parts of our body and are left feeling refreshed and energized. (Value £39.95)

The Real Detox 4-Week Program

Discover the whole food, fad-free approach to naturally detox your body. Each week builds upon the previous week until in week four we are completely plant-based. Includes delicious recipes, invaluable food knowledge, and tips to continuing a ‘whole foods’ lifestyle. (Value £79.95)

30-Day Smoothie Pack

Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. dairy free, gluten free and low carb. Includes ingredient lists and detailed step-by-step cooking instructions. (Value £29.95)

Motivational Mindset Session

When you have a positive growth-orientated mindset, everything is easier. Over the years I’ve managed to overcome my own doubts and now it’s time to share with you. (Value £24.95)

Energizing Yoga Session

My niece, Lea Twigg, is a certified yoga instructor and plant-based nutritionist. Join her for this short but very doable yoga session with poses that are proven to make you feel better. (Value £24.95)

Guided Sleep Meditation

This session is designed to help you drift into sleep and maintain your cool while tapping into your sublime feminine wisdom. (Value £19.40)

100 Plant-Based Recipes Pack

Access to over 100 QUALITY delicious plant-based recipes. Created by health nutritionists and include a shopping list and meal planner. Recipes on one page for super easy cooking. (Value £49.95)

And Suddenly, Everything Changed. Book by Alan Twigg

An inspirational journey of discovery from heart disease to health, compassion, and accountability by virtue of a plant-based diet. (Value £14.95)

Going Plant-Based Habit Change Program

Tiny changes, remarkable results. This online mini-course explains the simple and proven methods that you can use to slowly embrace a plant-based diet. It’s focused on how to transition from where you are now to where you want to be. Created by Alan Twigg plant-based author. (Value £64.95)

Total Value: £99.00

Remember this is everything you need to get started. Begin where you want and at your own pace.

Price Today £27.95

One-time £27.95 | Instant Access | Money-Back Guarantee

But What About…

When I first heard about the amazing benefits of adopting a plant-based diet and integrating a regular fitness habit into my daily routine, I was excited. But almost immediately, I started to wonder if it was realistic.

Wouldn’t my food become bland and boring? Where would I get my protein? Socializing would be less fun and surely this would be very difficult to implement, it might mean changing everything. And what were the actual chances of me sticking to a fitness routine? I’m naturally lazy so I would probably soon lack the motivation.

My ego was more than ready to find hundreds of excuses as to why this would not work. So I decided to give it a go.

That was eight years ago and here’s what I’ve discovered:


Bland and Boring Food

My diet has never been better. It’s delicious, I regularly cook lovely-tasting food and I love it. I used to believe that going plant-based meant eating nothing but celery and lettuce, but the reality is an entire world of delicious, healthy and energizing food.



I used to think that if I didn’t eat meat I would waste away and end up looking like a skeleton because of a lack of protein. Then someone pointed out that the strongest animals on earth are actually plant-eaters (elephants, gorillas, horses etc.). There’s loads of protein in plants. Basically, I’ve never been stronger and fitter.


Social life

Most pubs, cafes and restaurants have a plant-based option with more and more appearing every year. It’s not an issue.


Too Difficult to Implement

I discovered that the secret is to start small. Really small. The objective is to move slowly and gradually towards our goal. I vastely underestimated how much I could achive in a year. Think like this “where do I want to be in one, two or five years time”. This is the key.


Can't Stick to a Fitness Routine

I found out starting slowly made it easy for me to start a habit. Suddenly, I realized that it was just part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth. None of us stick to anything unless it beomces a habit. Habits are what shape our futures.


Too Lazy

We are all lazy. It’s part of what makes us human. That’s why we need to form a habit and this is what I discovered, too. Of course, we need to enjoy what we do and that’s what we offer.

So, instead of letting these fears hold me back, I embraced them as challenges to conquer. And guess what? They weren’t as big as they seemed. These ‘obstacles’ turned out to be stepping stones leading me to a healthier, happier version of myself. And if I can do it, so can you!

Real People, Real Results…

I have been on this for the last two years. Love the variety of exercises so uses all my body, especially taekwondo as makes me feel empowered and not something I would have tried.

Thanks Jo & Alan that put it all together for all of us and who are so supportive xx

Dawn Spence

This is the best fitness regime I have ever done!  I usually give up but I am still loving it after over a year!  I am so much fitter, stronger  and slimmer and all in just 15 minutes a day!  Fantastic! Jo is great and leads us in a range of varied exercises and always makes me smile.  Such a fab way to start the day and get fitter.

Frances King

I love this. It’s so motivating and really addictive (I never thought I’d say that about exercise).  At only 15 minutes a day it’s really easy to fit into a busy life and it has become a normal part of my daily routine.  Thanks for your support Jo.  You’re a star!

Becky Reed

My biggest achievement is sticking with the shred even when I have felt like giving up. I always do Catchup and that’s what keeps me going, I can do it when it suits me.

I Enjoy the variation of exercises and that keeps me motivated, Jo is fab at motivation. This is a great program and the team who are always at hand if you fall of the wagon and need support. Well done Jo and Alan and thanks xx

Linda Easton

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So there you have it. No excuses and a full refund if you don’t love it.
Now is the time to discover the miracle of plant-based health and fitness and lose weight, get fitter, healthier and happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m still unsure. Will it really help?

This Plant-Powered Ageless Vitality and Fitness Pack is designed to make it easy for you to get started. It’s a collection resources that tackle both diet and exercise, offering a balanced approach to health and fitness.

If you’re willing to take that first step, we’re confident this pack will provide the tools you need to start seeing real, lasting changes.

I’ve not exercised for ages, is this still for me?

Yes, absolutely. It’s not about keeping up it’s about taking it at your own pace and completing. It’s far more important to get started and to finish than it is to do everything perfectly at a fast pace.

I don’t have much time. Can I fit this in?

You can start with as little as 2-minutes a day. That’s it. Everyone can find 2-minutes for something as important as boosting your mood and energy levels.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to feel better, be more motivated, and be proud of yourself. But you can also expect your digestion to improve, your aches and pains to ease, and a boost in energy. You can also expect to shed inches and feel like you’ve discovered a miracle! 

Do I need any equipment?

No. Al the workouts are equipment free 😊

Why should I listen to your advice?

Great question! We’re not just fitness enthusiasts; we’re living proof that the methods we advocate actually work. Jo is a black belt in taekwondo, marathon runner, and certified fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience. Alan has been thriving on a plant-based diet since 2016 and is an active golfer, tango dancer, and yoga practitioner.

We’ve both transformed our lives through diet and exercise, and we’ve helped countless others do the same. We’ve poured our expertise and personal experiences into the Plant-Powered Ageless Vitality and Fitness Pack to provide you with a balanced, effective approach to health and fitness. We’re committed to helping you succeed, just as we have for ourselves and so many others.

Say Bye, Bye to…

One-time £27.95 | Instant Access | Money-Back Guarantee

# Weight Gain

– Say bye, bye stressing over the scale or feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

With our compassionate and realistic approach, you’ll shed those stubborn pounds and keep them off, all while enjoying the journey.

# Energy Slumps

– Say bye, bye to feeling drained all day.

Say hello to a life filled with energy and vitality! Our program is designed to help you maintain a consistent energy level, so you can tackle whatever comes your way.

# Uncertainty 

– Say bye, bye to worrying about your health as you age.

With our comprehensive, yet incredibly simple and natural approach, you’ll be setting yourself up for a future filled with vitality and well-being.

Stop Living in Discomfort with Low Energy
Start feeling better, motivated and more like the old you.

“The Plant-Powered Ageless Vitality and Fitness Pack”

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