Ultimate Kick-Ass Vegan Workout

for normal people by Joanne Graham

Get Back into Shape at Home

Daily 15-Minute Online Workout on a Plant-Based Diet

New unique offer that forms part of the Facebook Group

Daily 15-Minute Online Workout

Join in my daily online workout live on Facebook. I’m live at 6.30 am, but you can do the shred at anytime during the day.

"Why Go Vegan" Book Free

Join the 7-Day Trial and get the audio version or EBook of “Why Go Vegan”, by Alan Twigg. Free

40 Simple Vegan Recipes

Download 40 deliciously simple vegan recipes for free when you sign up for the free trial. Includes meal planner and shopping list.

Who’s It For?

Anyone can join in, but you’ll probably feel most at home if you’re aged between 40 and 60. I’m edging towards 50 myself now, so you’ll be at home with me. It’s surprising what a difference 15-minutes a day can make. People feel better, have more energy and improve their strength and flexibility. That’s amazing!

What Does the 7-Day Free Trial Include?

Daily 15-minute online live workouts

Join me live at 6.30 am or do the workout later at your own convenience. It’s a 15-minute workout for normal people that is designed to help get you back into shape. 

Free EBOOK or Audiobook version of "Why Go Vegan"

Download the EBook or audiobook version of “Why Go Vegan” as a story. 

40 Deliciously Simple Vegan Recipes

Download this great recipe PDF with 40 delicious meals. It comes with a meal planner and shopping list to make it all even easier. 

Membership of Facebook Group for the workout, motivation and going plant-based diet

The Facebook Group is already active with others just like you who are interested in getting back into shape from home. This is your invitation to join without any obligation.

Online Workouts with Joanne Graham

My name is Joanne Graham and I’m an experienced trainer. I’ve been teaching sports and fitness to adults and children since 1996 through our martial arts lessons and kick-ass training program. I’ve taught in schools, gyms, church halls and now at home. 

I’m also 3rd dan black belt in taekwondo and an experienced marathon runner and was even featured on the BBC after rescuing a fellow runner in the London Marathon.

What Others Think

I signed up to the summer shred experiment on a whim and I’m so glad I did! I had been wanting to go back to exercising for so long, but was always finding excuses (lack of time, of energy, etc.) I thought 15 minutes a day, that’s easy to fit in, even with the kids around. And it really was! After a month, I’ve more energy, I feel better mentally and physically, and it made me want to do more (hello, July running challenge!).

I really like Jo’s down-to-earth attitude, she suffers with us through the tougher exercises and provides lots of encouragement. There’s lots of punching and kicking in the workouts, they’re my favourite exercises. I got my husband to join, and he’s feeling much better too we’re both looking forward to the July shred!

Tracy Salt


Before I joined the Ultimate Summer Shred Experiment I was so out of condition and feeling miserable being unable to get in any of my clothes. However, since joining the Ultimate Summer shred Experiment I feel I have more energy and I feel so much more confident to carry on more and more.

As I began to exercise I realised how unfit I was and this encouraged me more. I am a determined person and I like the challenge. The June challenge really spurred me on and Jo’s workouts are doable and I was able to build up my strength day after day.

I now feel I am reaping the benefits with feeling happier in myself and building towards an even bigger and better challenge. Come on July bring it on.

Anne Petit-Jean


Just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Joanne Graham. She is holding 15-minute fitness classes on Facebook at 10 am. Me and the kids and my sister and nephew have been Skyping and doing the workout together every morning, with varying degrees of success, some tantrums and some injuries, lots of shouting and whingeing but mainly just a sweaty laugh!

It’s keeping us in a routine and keeping us in touch and we want to say thank you a lot. You’re a superstar!

Amy Twigg

Plant-Based Diet Component


My brother is Alan Twigg, the author of “Why Go Vegan – as a story”. He’s also just finished making an online course called “Plant-Based Heroes“, which covers every aspect of taking up a plant-based diet. The course covers all the issues from why to getting started, from social situations to recipes, from objections to habit change and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the 7-Day Free Trial

When you sign up for the free 7-day trial, you get access to the Ultimate Shred Facebook Group. There you’ll find the first 7 workouts for the current month and become part of the group. In addition, you’ll be sent an e-mail that contains the download links for the Free “How to Vegan” Ebook and the 40 vegan recipes. 

What's the price of the full monthly workout and what's included?

If you enjoy the workout and the challenge of transitioning to a modern plant-based diet, you can sign up for the full Shred for just £9,95 per month. This includes daily workouts, the ebook, the recipes and free access to the “Plant-Based Heroes Course”, which will later cost more than 200 pounds to join.

I’m a beginner or advanced, will this program work for me?

Yes! This program can work for you whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness level.

Do I need any equipment?

All of the workouts can be done without equipment, there are a few inexpensive items that will make the workouts more effective, such as a plastic bottle with water etc. But you don’t need to purchase any equipment.